Florence + Florence

I was the first granddaughter born on both sides of the family and my very wise mother said that there were enough women named Florence that my name was Amy.  This picture was taken before I was born at my parents wedding in 1964.  I LOVE this picture and always have it posted at my shows!

Growing up, I always wrote a ton of letters.  I ordered all sorts of letter writing supplies from Current and when I got old enough, I specifically picked out the stamps to go on the envelopes.  I went through the upside down stamp phase, addresses on the back, side or written crazily on the envelopes.  I did a lot of doodling on the envelopes (and letters) and always had the PERFECT pen to use for my letters.  Sharpies quickly became the fave!

My maternal Florence grandmother died when I was young but my paternal Florence grandmother was around for my wedding and the birth of our son.  She died when he was 3 months old but was a hoot and a 1/2 to live with and spend time with as an adult.  It is her typewriter I use on my cards.

The journey is beginning for another jump into this greeting card business.  I love to get FAN mail in my mailbox and hope to create greeting cards and gift tags that will make people smile, remember an old friend, and maybe even pick out their postage at the post office to send a card.

Thanks for reading … the Florences would be proud.

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